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Upcoming arcade games

Posted by Wolfie in N*Raged Blog, 10 July 2010 · 1,551 views

A sneak preview of games that will be appearing in the arcade.  These games are actually already uploaded and ready to be made available, but not only do I not want to overwhelm people with too many new games at once, I also want to have people suffer the horrible agony of waiting!  Mwahahaha!  Okay, so here are the upcoming games that I've go...

Was in a chat the other day...

Posted by Wolfie in Wolfie's Blog, 26 April 2010 · 1,057 views
chat, farting, pizza hut, aooogah

and was describing something that happened one time when I worked at Pizza Hut...

+.Wolfie | i worked at pizza hut for a few years and there was this guy that worked there and one time his stomach was killing him
+.Wolfie | he was in the bathroom and the distance from the door (facing AWAY from us) to where we were at was about the length of a mid sized...

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