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N*Raged Rules, Terms and Conditions of use

Short and dirty rules (these will be updated soon):
  • Mild profanity allowed. We all need to let out a hell, damn and shit once in awhile, but strong profanity is not permitted.
  • No advertising other sites. If you want to advertise, contact me with an offer.
  • Don't be a butthole. How you act towards others is how you will be treated. You don't have to like someone, just don't disrespect them.
  • No post spamming. A little here and there is going to happen, no big deal. But posting to get a higher post count or just to ramble will get you noticed in a BAD way.
  • This is my site so my word is final. If you don't like it, tough.

By using this site, you agree to these rules and any changes made to the rules, with or without notice.