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N*Raged is trying out a referral system for getting new members


Here's how it works:

  • You can refer people with either a direct link, sending out emails, or make sure that they put down your current name when they are signing up.
  • For each new member that you bring in, you get 100 N*Bucks
  • For each new member you bring in that makes enough non-spam like posts to get promoted from Fusser to Cusser, you get 500 N*Bucks. With the 100 from their just signing up, that's 600 N*Bucks already.
  • For each new member you bring in that makes enough non-spam like posts to get promoted from Cusser to Ranter, you get another 500 N*Bucks. With the 600 from above, that's 1100 N*Bucks!
  • For each new member you bring in that in turn refers other members here, you get 10% of what they earn.
    So for each sign up they get, you get 10 N*Bucks.
    For each one that gets moved into the Cusser group, you get another 50 N*Bucks.
    For each one that gets moved into the Ranter group, you get yet another 50 N*Bucks.
    That's 110 N*Bucks because of someone else's referral. Now imagine if you got 5 people to sign up and they each got 5 more people to sign up. You could potentially earn 5 x 1100 = 5500 N*Bucks for your 5, then 5 x 550 = 2750 for their referrals. That's 8,250 N*Bucks, where 1/3rd of it is just from others doing the work. That's if each referred member were to finish registration and earn their way to the Ranter group.

There are rules with this of course. The new members may not make spam posts to earn their way from Fusser to Cusser, nor from Cusser to Ranter. If they are caught doing that, then their posts may end up being deleted, and you'll start losing N*Bucks. If they end up getting banned, then you lose 1,000 N*Bucks. This is to prevent abuse.


To start referring people, click on My Controls (in the member bar, located near the top of the page) and then look for the Referrals section on the left, or click this link:

Refer your friends!




The arcade now charges N*Bucks to play


Don't worry, it's not too much. It's 25 N*Bucks per game per play. Yes, this is to help encourage members to refer new members here. Don't worry though, if you earn a high enough score in the games, you can make some of (or all of) your N*Bucks back and possibly more if you get the jackpot for that game. So it's quite possible to actually come out with more N*Bucks than when you started!




N*Raged is now a N*Certified Smoke-Free Website


While N*Raged has always been a smoke-free site, it is now N*Certified. Our visitors won't have to worry about being on location in the site having to deal with second hand smoke. Those visitors who do smoke may continue to do so from their remote locations, as this doesn't affect the location that is directly local to the site itself. So for you smokers out there, don't worry; you aren't being required to put out your cigarettes or other smoking preferences while visiting here remotely.




Thank you for your time and please hold all comments, questions, insults, jokes and bodily noises until after the beep...

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