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Was in a chat the other day...

Posted by Wolfie, 26 April 2010 · 1,056 views

chat farting pizza hut aooogah
and was describing something that happened one time when I worked at Pizza Hut...

+.Wolfie | i worked at pizza hut for a few years and there was this guy that worked there and one time his stomach was killing him
+.Wolfie | he was in the bathroom and the distance from the door (facing AWAY from us) to where we were at was about the length of a mid sized car
+.Wolfie | despite the angle of the bathroom door and the distance AND the fact that the door was closed tight, his misery became ours as well
+.Wolfie | it was AWFUL
Mr.Garcia | lol
+.Wolfie | ever since then, i've been trying to find out wth he ate
Mr.Garcia | maybe a cat
+.Wolfie | the odor alone had me thinking mexican food
+.Wolfie | needless to say, people (us employees) got out of that area as quickly as we could
+.Wolfie | it gets better though
+.Wolfie | the area where we were getting hit with the odor was the cut table
+.Wolfie | freshly cooked pizzes/breadsticks/cheesesticks going onto the cut table, where the 'aroma' was layered
+.Wolfie | and the coupe de gracie was that we were in plain sight of customers, so we had to control our gag reflexes
+.Wolfie | because how bad would that look, to see employees on the ground, gasping for breath

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damn Wolfie! LMAO!!!
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