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  2. During the last few years, I haven't been that active in my community, though I have been keeping the site updated and made a few changes here and there and have some changes that are planned and may eventually get done. However that's not the reason for this message. There are two brief sections to this email. First being some details about the situation that happened and the other is a summary of what site members need to do. Summary... Account information may have been downloaded, so if you are using the same or similar password on other sites that you have used here, then PLEASE go change those passwords IMMEDIATELY. My apologies on any inconvenience this may cause. Steps have been taken to strengthen the security and integrity of the server this site is hosted on as well as this site itself. This site has also been tested to ensure it is clean and as I learn new information, I am using it to check for any other security holes to ensure that nothing has been overlooked. While it is not certain if any information was actually downloaded, the fact remains that it could have happened and I felt it important to make all members aware of the situation. Also, if you have any friends who are members of this site, please make sure that they are also aware of the situation in case they did not see this message. More detailed description... Recently, many sites were affected by a vulnerability that allowed hackers to compromise the integrity of its files and data. This unfortunately includes the sites that I run as well, thus the reason for this message. The database was found to have a couple of lines of extra code added to it and while that code has been removed, however the fact that the database was compromised means that members account information may have also been accessed. The software that I have been using does not store the passwords in plaintext, meaning that the password itself is not stored. Instead, it is run through a one-way mathematical algorithm to generate what is known as a password 'hash'. What this means, in plain wording, is that the password is replaced with a value that will only be reached when that same password is used again, but there is no way to reverse the process. This is why anyone who has ever forgotten their password cannot have their password sent to them and must instead reset their password completely. In short, the company making the software I use takes security very seriously. Unfortunately, with access to the database and therefore the possibility that members data has been downloaded, it is possible for hackers to use 'brute force' methods to attempt to determine what passwords were being used. What this means is that with the hash values, they can run a program that will go through every possible password from one character long to 20 or more characters in length and eventually come across the correct combination. As such and as a precaution, I am encouraging EVERYONE to please change their passwords on other sites if they happened to be using the same or similar password on this site. I have already forced a reset on everyone's password here, so the next time anyone attempts to sign into this community, they will need to reset their password first. While this may seem like a pointless effort now, it's actually a smart idea. Assuming that a hacker did indeed grab the data necessary to find out peoples passwords, they will not be able to gain access to any accounts here. It also forces everyone to change their password, so anyone who hasn't forgotten their password will end up being forced to change it anyway. In closing... As I said before, it is not known for certain if any information was actually downloaded. That doesn't mean that this warning to change your account password should be ignored. Only that even if it hasn't been downloaded, it's still a good idea to go ahead and update your information so you know that YOU are the one accessing your account and not someone else. If you are a member of other communities that have forums, they too may have been compromised and you should consider changing your password on those other sites as well. If you are friends with an admin of another community that has forums and they have any questions, they may contact me for more details.
  3. Okay so I went to Golden Corral today and when I got there, I saw this lady (old hag) trying to park her car by backing into a parking space. Well, the fact that her ancient carcass was already bad at it didn't stop her from talking on the cell as though she was having a life or death conversation with someone. She was moving slow and I managed to park and actually get to the door before her and I actually took another minute before I was able to be parked. It gets better. She was behind me in line and was talking on the phone like she was something special. At the register, she had to look for a card or something and was starting to fumble around in her purse and it was obvious that she was having trouble. That's when I spoke up and told her that if she'd get off of the phone, she'd drive better and be able to look for stuff easier in her purse. She didn't seem to understand me at first but hopefully the words "get off the phone" stuck with her enough that later on she figures out that I was telling her that her royal butt isn't so important that she needs to be on the phone the way she was. Makes me wish that I had a small postcard sized note that basically says, "Some people don't know how to drive while on the phone. You're one of them." As though it wasn't bad enough to be talking on the phone while parking and being the source of traffic issues, continuing on inside and talking on the phone as though the cashier isn't worthy of her time is just outright rude. I could see Rube now, pointing out how she's old enough to know better and that she should be ashamed of herself and to stop acting like she wasn't raised to have any common sense. For her to be put in her place would have rocked.
  4. Okay so I went somewhere on Monday and when heading back home, I got on the interstate. I stayed in the right lane to take an exit onto an expressway. Well wouldn't you know it, someone in the lane next to me wanted to merge over and despite there not being clearance, they started merging over anyway. I hit the horn and the guy kept merging as though he owned the road. I let off of the gas so that there wouldn't have been an accident, although I should have let him so that he'd get a ticket for it and learn that he needs to get his ego in check. Alas though, I don't like the hassle of having to get a car repaired and also having to deal with an insurance company that will try to claim that they don't need to cover the repair costs because their client wasn't in the wrong... I swear, there could be a video of an accident happening, where the driver of a vehicle clearly broke the law and was undoubtedly the cause, and their insurance would say, "We analyzed the video and have determined that the driver didn't do anything wrong, so we're not responsible for the repair cost." Yeah, right. Times like that, I wish a cop would have been nearby to pull the driver over and write them a citation. I'd gladly pull over and go to court that day to testify that the idiot nearly caused an accident from their careless driving. At least, if they tried to claim that they were innocent and that the officer was wrong on what they saw. Being able to say that I saw the officer pull the correct vehicle over would certainly put a nail in their coffin, especially if they were to stay that the officer did pull them over but that they weren't the one that did it. "Um, they pulled you over and you're the one who almost hit me, how did the officer get the wrong person then? Hmmmm???" Exactly.
  5. Scene from Dead Like Me. Navigate to 4:53 to see it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsgCIxJ9AZU#t=293s
  6. I often chauffeur my mother around because I can get to places faster since I'm comfortable with driving. So I took her to a mall where she was returning stuff to one of the stores (J.C. Penny). So I pull up to a spot right at some sliding doors (catalog center) where it's posted "No parking", to drop her off so she wouldn't have to walk too far to get inside with the stuff she was returning. Meanwhile, right in front of me, this lady gets out of a white car, flashers blinking and she runs inside. I look over to the left and there in the lane heading the opposite direction was a black SUV like vehicle, stopped, with the driver chatting up a storm with a lady standing right next to her. Okay so essentially three 'lanes', two specifically for driving and one for picking up/dropping off passengers. Obviously, no parking in any of them. So I'm watching all this go on, while I'm sitting behind the white car, in drive (and shifting to reverse to move back some and then back to drive). Several minutes later, the lady of the white car comes out and puts a couple of bags into the backseat of her car and then gets in. At that moment, the lady chatting it up with the driver of the black SUV vehicle pops over to the white car, talking to her for a moment, then back to the black vehicle to say a semi quick good bye, then back over to the lady in the white car. During this entire time, there were a few vehicles that either had to drive in the wrong direction to get past or had to wait as this lady tried to talk to two different women at the same time. So after the black SUV leaves, she's back over at the white car chatting up a conversation. By this time, I'm really peeved and I'm looking rather intently at her. After a few glances at me, she starts to realize that I'm looking specifically at her (not just glancing around and happening to look at her from time to time). I decide to really lay it on and I grab my phone and aim the back of it at her, as if I'm taking pictures. As soon as I do this, she starts looking away from me (guilty shy much lady?). So I go ahead and grab a couple of pictures and a minute later, she's walking towards the parked cars and says something in my direction (I forget exactly what). Me, being my vocal self, respond back to her. By this time her friend has turned her car around and I mention that I have three problems. One was that lady parking in the no parking area, to which the chatterbox woman said something about how her friend had to run into the store to grab a couple of things. Um, hello!! Just about everyone that goes there is 'running in' to grab/buy some things. So if everyone who was doing that were to park in that NO parking spot, then the area would be a mess of cars jammed up there. I also pointed out how it was rude of her and the other lady to tie up the traffic the way they did. Her response to that was that the driver of the black SUV was a minister (bullshit!) and that she (chatterbox) had a family member in the hospital. (Um, when my grandfather was in the hospital dying, I didn't use that as an excuse to do whatever the hell I wanted...) This motormouth then proceeded to bicker on about how *I* was parked in the no parking area (no I wasn't, my vehicle was in gear the entire time) and how I broke the law because I took pictures of her and her friend without their permission. Um, no, that's not against the law considering it was out in public view and I wasn't taking any lewd photos of her. Legally, I could grab a camera, go anywhere that's public access and snap photos of people all day long. So then she says how she's going to get my license plate number and report me.. (For what, not kissing her royal ass?) She then went inside, still trying to talk big. Wow, what a self absorbed... well, I'll let you pick from any number of words that would describe her. This is where it gets somewhat amusing or disturbing, depending on your point of view. Being that both the traffic hogs were gone and motormouth was spreading noise pollution inside the store, I drove off to find somewhere to park while I waited for my mother to finish her returns. I had pulled into a spot where I could see the door and after being there for a couple of minutes, I decided to move forward and start looking for another place to sit. Wouldn't you know it, that lady came out of those doors at that same moment and looked like she had seen a ghost. Now, to her, I'm sure she thought I was stalking her at that point (disturbing to her) but her reaction was amusing to me. I moved to another spot where I could see the door and stayed there until I saw my passenger exit. As I pulled up to let her in, she was commenting about how this lady inside was freaking out. So I told her the situation and she told me that the way the lady was acting/talking, you'd think I had taken a photo up her skirt or something. No offense lady... Wait, I take that back, take offense to this.. But YOU aren't worth taking photos of like that. Not that I would do it at all (really I wouldn't), but if I *were* gonna take up-the-skirt photos, it would be of a chick that is HOT, not some ugly, egotistical, motormouth pompous witch. Being honest, it's only the ugly part that I wouldn't do it, not the rest. If she's hot, then who the hell cares about the personality when looking at pictures of her? Later on, I called the store to talk to the person in charge at that time and explained (my side) of the situation to him, so that if the cops were called or anything, they'd have a more honest telling of the situation. A telling that can be easily confirmed by looking at the video footage from the malls cameras. Geez, I swear some people REALLY need to get told off by someone who can intimidate the shit out of them so that they'll keep their stupid mouth shut and listen to what they need to hear. Rube (from Dead Like Me) would have been perfect for this situation. This quote is a good example of what he'd be perfect for it (http://www.imdb.com/...es?qt=qt0392374), the scene is in a post office and this lady cut the line to be with her 'friend' near the front of the line: I can only imagine how he'd lay down the reality of their wrongdoings to those women and make them feel like arrogant shits for the way they behaved. Would have LOVED to see them each put in their place. Another copy of that quote, this time from http://www.tv.com/sh...-317716/#quotes
  7. Forgot to include this horrible diagram that gives a rough idea on how things happened. I believe there were at least two other people inconvenienced by this whole mess that I just didn't highlight. The white spots with X's are where shopping carts go. Green cars are those trying to leave, yellow cars are those waiting to park or just waiting to get past. Brown part below is a median and the green part is the median between the parking area and an entrance/exit. If I recall, the third car down on the right was also trying to leave.
  8. Recently I went to a local Costco and while waiting for a parking space, this woman comes along and causes a traffic jam. This actually happened a couple of weeks ago so the exact details about it may not be accurate but the overall situation is what's important here. Okay so I pulled into an aisle and noticed that someone was getting ready to leave. Then someone else was getting ready to leave as car #1 pulled up. So we're both waiting for these people to leave so we can take the spots. Somewhere along the line, the space next to #1 was blocked, I believe someone else was busy pulling out and was waiting for #1 to move so they could finish. Anyways, this lady (shown in red but her vehicle was actually grey) pulls up behind me and then decides that she's not going to wait. So she pulls to my left and as one car pulls out of a spot, they are blocked in because the lady (in red) is blocking the only way out. So I rolled down my window and told her that she needed to back up. She was like "ok" and then just sat there so I told her again and she snapped at me (I think she made a comment asking why I don't back up even though I was waiting there first). Anyways she finally backs up and the blocked in car is able to leave. Then she proceeds to do the crap again and tries to pull past me, merging back into the right side and causing even more of a jam. As she finally gets down there, I see another guy talking to her. I asked him (as he passed by me) if she was rude to him too and he said no, that he told her that she caused an issue and she was rather apologetic about it. After I finally managed to park (after car #1 had parked and this bad driver had parked, BEFORE ME), I went in and I saw her at the customer service desk. I walked up, told her that she needs to learn how to drive and as I was walking away, she told me that I need to learn some manners. This coming from the person that caused a traffic jam out of selfishness and inconvenienced at least half a dozen people because of it. Yeah maybe I shouldn't have said that but given the circumstances she should have just said, "Okay" or nothing at all. Saw her again in the store, told her that I had manners and that she didn't and proceeded to walk away again as she piped in her last word (again). So after leaving, I wrote a little note telling her that she was the one who was rude for what she did. Ha, got the last word on her. I won't deny that I didn't handle that with the best 'class' possible, but when someone does shit like that, they need to be told. The problem is that people refuse to accept when they're wrong about what they did wrong.
  9. If it was working before but isn't now, then ask your host. They may have disabled it or accidentally removed it or something. It's actually uncommon for a hosting company to not support it.
  10. You need to install the ionCube loader onto your site. http://www.ioncube.com/loaders.php It looks like you're using some form of Linux. If you go into the ACP, click on Support and look there, you should be able to figure out which operating system you're using as well as if it's x86 or x64.
  11. Wolfie, we need to have a one on one.
  12. Hun, what you're experiencing is normal. The newness with him has worn off and now you feel like you're not into quite as much. It could be that you need to move on or could be that you need to learn to adjust to how things are. In any relationship, you're going to experience this. The 'honeymoon phase' doesn't last forever, so you need to figure out what's really going on.. That you're not really into him like you thought you were or that it's only the newness that's worn off.
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