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Okay, so, currently, i am dating my boyfriend Michael who is 16 and is a cutie(which is bonus) and he's sweet and everything. We've been dating for almost a month and we hang out all the time.....

Problem is...

I've also been hanging out lately with his and my best friend Eric. I think im starting to have feelings for Eric, but i still like Michael


everyday im starting to like Eric more, and Michael less... I dont wanna break up with michael cause i dont think i can hurt him so bad. Theres just....no spark anymore, nothing ecxiting or anything

Idk what to do

Im stressssinggg

Why do we have to have decisions in life? :(




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Hun, what you're experiencing is normal. The newness with him has worn off and now you feel like you're not into quite as much. It could be that you need to move on or could be that you need to learn to adjust to how things are. In any relationship, you're going to experience this. The 'honeymoon phase' doesn't last forever, so you need to figure out what's really going on.. That you're not really into him like you thought you were or that it's only the newness that's worn off.
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Mhm, he's completely right lol. It's normal to lose that spark. It's what happened in my last relationship, actually. You just gotta weed out the ones who aren't compatible to you. Or, you could just work on talking or doing more things together. Break out of the normal routine, you know?
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