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End User License Agreement

Forget the extreme legal babble, this will be to the point.


Unless otherwise stated, here are the following rights, permissions, restrictions, limitations, etc on any products purchased that have been authored by me (Wolfie).


Buyers Rights:

* You reserve the right to not use or to cease use of the product at any time. You are not required to use any products purchased. While this may seem like a bad attempt at a joke, this is actually a serious statement.

* For as long as you do not violate any part of this EULA, you reserve the right to use any and all products that you purchase.

* While your license is active, you reserve the right to ask for support for your product.

* You reserve the right to install the product on as many boards as specified in the terms of the product. If you need to install on more boards than the terms allow for, then you must contact me to discuss the matter.



* You may not distribute, share, etc any products purchased without prior authorization.

* You may not use nor install any products on sites that you do not explicitly own.

* Upon violation of this EULA or upon violation of any terms set forth on the purchased product, you forfeit any and all rights to use of the product(s) affected and to any expectation of support or refunds.


Sellers Rights:

* At any time, with or without notification, continued support or permission to use or continue to use a product or service may be revoked.

* Upon violation of the EULA, the seller reserves the right to deactivate a license, site, product or any combination of the three, with or without notice and with or without continued support and/or a refund.

* On support issues, the seller may refuse, deny or postpone support on a per case basis.



Any rights, restrictions, limitations, etc not mentioned above are hereby assumed.



If there are any questions on this EULA as it is, please contact me directly or leave a post in the feedback forum or submit a support request.

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