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Okay so over here, once you reach fith year in school you have the option to leave and go on to college or the world of work. In a bid to keep people in school, they have introduced "ema" which is a series of payments given out to students throughout the year.

To be entitled to "ema" your parents must make under a certain ammount of money and you have to have regular attendance at school and make progress in your work.

Sure it sounds great, but there are many down sides.

1. People whos parents earn over that guideline pay do not recieve anything. Which means your progress is virtualy ignored. Also, the bonuses that are given are £100 twice a year which is a little unneccesary, people who dont get this money are considerably worse off.

2. It means all the troublemakers and idiots return for the fith year to annoy everyone again just because they get paid!


Ugh its so unfair. My parents make enough money but I think that I'm stll strapped for cash and it would help me to recieve such a pay.

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