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In Western astrology, I'm a Libra. Eastern - Snake (aaah!) and in Celtic astrology (they go by trees) I'm Ivy.


With the Ivy people: There are two distinct types of Ivy individuals (a division which relates to all Celtic Tree Signs).

The "new moon" character is associated with the first two weeks of a sign and the "full moon" character is associated with the last two weeks.


I think I'm the "new moon" character: The "new moon" Ivy individual is a rather radical thinker...something akin to the Rowan individual...but with a more artistic temperament. Such people, however, do have a tendency to be somewhat indecisive and their success rate has a propensity to swing between two extremes which will set the pattern of life accordingly.


Instead of adding a link to the site where I found this information, I'll just list the trees associated with birthdays:


12/24 - 01/20 ... The Birch

01/21 - 02/17 ... The Rowan

02/18 - 03/17 ... The Ash

03/18 - 04/14 ... The Alder

04/15 - 05/12 ... The Willow

05/13 - 06/09 ... The Hawthorn

06/10 - 07/07 ... The Oak

07/08 - 08/04 ... The Holly

08/05 - 09/01 ... The Hazel

09/02 - 09/29 ... The Vine

09/30 - 10/27 ... The Ivy

10/28 - 11/24 ... The Reed

11/25 - 12/23 ... The Elder



I know a lot of people think this stuff is bologna, so I must say, stop reading the darn tabloid/newspaper versions of horoscopes! The stuff you find in there really is rubbish. Every time I've read them I thought things like "Gee, the one for Cancer sounds more like me than my own sign today" B) It's better to get your natal chart done and interpreted (because it's not just about your "Sun Sign" - the placement of other planets and the moon are taken into account also)...then tell me if you still think it's a joke. B)

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