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way to pissed.


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How unfair is it to be called emo? just because i dress a different way and i am unique gives a person no right to label me!!! There i am walking in the halls, when people start throwing bits of tissues, saying"hey emo you should use these to dry up that blood on your wrist". Well even though i know im not emo, doesnt mean i dont get offended when people call me that, they have no right too! i'd rather be an individual then some mindless, uncreative idiots like them!
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I take it this is just because of the way you dress, not because you're a "cutter"? I can't stand that.


When I was in high school, I clearly looked like a "metalhead" - often wore metal T-shirts, dark colors, tight jeans, had "big" hair (lol) - anyway, people would call me a burn out, devil worshipper, etc. Yeah, ok people. I'm not on drugs and I don't sacrifice animals or children so pull your 10-sizes-too-big pants up from around your ankles and get a life.


I don't appreciate labels either, especially from people whose reasons are just due to the way I dress or the music I listen to. Now I wear whatever I'm most comfortable in and I've added various colors to my wardrobe over the years, even though I still listen to the same genre of music.


I do appreciate originality and creativity though. Don't listen to those idiots. It's true, they don't have any right to say things like that, but the more you get upset - the more they're going to do it. Don't give them the satisfaction. Just keep walking as if you didn't hear them.

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