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Black Widow Interpretation

Lady Night Owl

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Someone decided to have a bit of fun with this...I was cracking up, hope someone else enjoys it. May it cheer you up if you're feeling crappy :P




URL: http://www.youtube.com/v/zSKO08Ea13E


The video caught my eye because I used that snowy owl as my avatar in a few places as well as here when I first signed up.


Must add that I think this is funny in a stupid sort of way ;) :P

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Double post - sorry! I'm being lazy I suppose, by not simply clicking 'edit' Ah well, I'm hoping no one is offended by the inverted pentagram that is shown briefly in one of the pictures. :) I was just amused by "MEEEOOOOWWWW!" and "Swiss Owl!" And those aren't the real lyrics BTW - but, I went found those out of curiosity and I couldn't make much sense of them either lol Anywho, I guess this song is too 'wild' for most of you.
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