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[N*Wiki] How to talk in class without the teacher hearing


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Article title: How to talk in class without the teacher hearing

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Category: General Wiki's

Date added: Aug 8 2007, 22:30

Article starter: Eloise


WARNING: If your teacher is really good, they might hear. If they are crappy, then they probably won't.


Method 1: If your teacher is one of those lazy people who stay at the front of the room all day, then get a piece of paper and write messages to eachother. On one side of the paper write stuff about what you're learning about, on the other write the messages. Make sure you are keeping an eye on the teacher so that you know when to flip the paper over and pretend you're writing notes. Or you could just put it inside/under your book when she starts walking towards you. It doesn't always work, but it rules when you have a teacher with really good ears. Just make sure not to put anything rude that you don't want the teacher to see. If you really really want to put something horrible, like "Miss Teacher is such a cow", then make a secret code kind of thing. It takes getting used to, but me and my friend make each letter the letter next to it on the alphabet.


Method 2: Whispering. Seems stupid, but works. Pretend to be writing/listening to the teacher but whisper to your friend by only moving your tongue and have small mouth movements because teachers look around the room and if they see your mouth moving they'll catch you. When you see the teacher looking at you, pretend your just one of those people who sits with their mouth open. You could improvise with this method, it doesn't always work..


Method 3: If you get to choose your seats, then sit behind someone with a big head/body. They may be able to hide your faces so that you can talk.


Can't think of anything else sorry B)

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