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The United States media and Michael Jackson's death

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Before I begin to rant about this, I need to explain that I'm a faithful Michael Jackson fan. I am, have always been, and will always be a fan of Michael Jackson. I'm a fan of his music, and I love and respect him because he spent a large portion of his life giving to the needy without expecting anything in return. People may question this, but what could he have expected from children in orphanages in Romania? Others may say that he wanted media attention, but the only attention that he got throughout about the second half of his career was negative attention.


The United States media did nothing but attack this man for every thing that he did. They blew up his molestation charges, his drug & substance abuse issues, his plastic surgeries, the loss of pigment in his skin, his children, and the list goes on. For the last several years, I don't remember seeing anything good about Michael Jackson on any news station. I wish I could say that it's an exaggeration, but it isn't. I haven't. Not until now, anyway.. that he's dead.


Now that the King of Pop is dead, the United States media wants to turn him into a God. That's ridiculous and the epitome of hypocrasy in my honest opinion. What the United States media needs to do is focus less on the private lives of our talented artists and focus more on actual news that affects the public. With the economy the way it is, you'd think that people would care very little about whether or not Michael Jackson had plastic surgery(ies) on his nose, but unfortunately, the media contradicts that thought, and that just says a lot about us as the public.


Now that he's gone, the media wants to pretend that none of that ever happened. They want to pretend that they didn't call him Wacko Jacko, and that they didn't focus in on the stupid molestation charges. They want to pretend that they didn't make fun of him for his dramatic changes over the years. It's ridiculous to me, and it angers me a great deal.

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