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Well when I get my blog up and if he leaves I'll probably rant about this more but my stepdad is the purpose of this rant.


My Stepdad seems to think everyone in my mum's house is stupid (which unfortunately includes me since my husband abandoned me but that is a rant for a different time). WELL my stepdad is cheating on my mum. We know this for a lot of reasons but I don't need to delve. He's a liar, always has been, and he's trying to make it everyone else's fault that he's never home. By never home I mean like really he's only home for maybe an hour a day on average. He claims that everyone in the houses problems is that we aren't looking for jobs, which we all look harder then him and he's been unemployed longer then any of us have been, we aren't going anywhere and we aren't helping out. Mind you I don't say I don't do stupid things but something I do, do, is help out as much as I can.


My whole family, including my mum, is fed up with him. He really needs to buck up and either get the screw out of the house because that's what he wants to do anyways, or he needs to buck up and be a man and get some counseling on how to fix his lying and cheating problems under control. My brother's and I concur that him leaving would be the best thing. :) My mum won't kick him out and I understand really. If she does then she has no right to the inheritance he will get when his grandma passes. 14 years of marriage and dealing with the same lies and cheating that have just amplified since my brother's passing gives her a right to that inheritance. >_<


Ok I got it out. <_<

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