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Upcoming arcade games



A sneak preview of games that will be appearing in the arcade. These games are actually already uploaded and ready to be made available, but not only do I not want to overwhelm people with too many new games at once, I also want to have people suffer the horrible agony of waiting! Mwahahaha! Okay, so here are the upcoming games that I've got so far...


Note: The games with new.gif next to them have already been added to the arcade!



chickenv32mrX1.gif Chicken Road new.gif

Das Spiel Chicken ist ein Remake des bekannten Spieleklassikers Frogger in einem neuen, farbenfroheren Gewand.



dealornodealTh1.gif Deal Or No Deal new.gif

See The Game



dominoTh1.gif Domino

See In The Game



DominosPizzav32Sparky1.gif Dominos Pizza new.gif

Catch falling Ingredients to build a pizza. Build five pizzas to pro next level, the game gets harder and faster as you progress. You lose a life if you miss an ingredient or tread on any obstacle on the floor.



duncedragonTh1.gif Dunces And Dragons new.gif

Dunces And Dragons SpongeBob Lost In Time



EgyptPuzzlev32BuZZ1.gif Egypt Puzzle

Clear The Rooms



FostersTeamWorkv32BuZZ1.gif Fosters Team Work new.gif

Work Together To Disarm The Bombs.



GalacticInvaders_v321.gif Galactic Invaders

Galactic Invaders - You have 30 seconds to shoot as many aliens as possible. Each incorrect color hit cost you 1 point.



galagon2004JS1.gif Galagon 2004

Galaga Clone



Hangstanv32BuZZ1.gif Hang Stan new.gif

Know 70's & 80's music? Movies? Classic TV? Well, then you can help Stan



dynamitefishv32MICRO1.gif Redneck Games - Dynamite Fisher new.gif

Kill fish with some dynamite



WABJS1.gif Wack a Bunny new.gif

Wack the bunny!



catscratchTh1.gif Zerro G Kitties new.gif

To win the cook-off, you need rocks from the Moon



More games WILL be getting added too! :o


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