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  1. Wolfie commented on your status.
  2. jskhfkjhwuhruoiafghsdgks
  3. It should be the other way around. The regular skin should be the primary one, followed by the "Happy Easter" one as a secondary optional skin. Just pointing out my thoughts to the great owner here at N*Raged.
  4. wanna go away???
  5. i love you like a fat kid loves cake
  6. I don't mind that..It's just the HAPPY EASTER right in my face.
  7. The new skin is not very non-easter celebrating people friendly.
  8. i hate wolfie.
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Amanda


      Yes, that's right YOU are such a hateful person.
    3. Wolfie


      Amanda is such a hateful person
    4. Amanda


      Amanda is not a hateful person. (:
  9. Ike

    wanna join my wolfie hate club?
  10. there's age restrictions on those, there aren't any on magazines. but w/e screw you and your site adios
  11. it's not being forced! the magazine is just sitting there. it's not popping out and doing a dance to get the child's attention. and my opinion is not screw the parent's rights. you should seriously just like move to a desserted island, make up your own laws, name it Wolfie Land, and keep all the magazines with profanity on them in the ocean. to me, yes i'm just gonna stop here with this bc in the two years (or something like that) that i've known you, i know that you're just gonna keep on going with this until you 'win'. ttfn
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