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Happy New Year!!


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Hope everyone survived the holidays and the dropping of that infamous New Years ball. Anyway, we have a few new goodies here at N*Raged!



  • When you are viewing a topic...

You should see a "Bookmarks" button at the top and bottom of the pages, which will allow you to share or save the topic you are viewing.

Also, at the bottom, I'm testing out a feature that should list a few similar topics to you. Not sure how well this will work, so this might go bye bye.

  • You can now print/download a copy of your conversations.

  • N*Chat is here! Currently, it is limited to a maximum of 5 members chatting at a given time, but that should be enough, especially if it's used as a means of providing site support.

  • N*Site - this is the old N*Support just renamed. It's for reporting issues with the site (such as one of the features not working properly). Not really a new goody, but an important mention for the next item...

  • N*Support - this is the new N*Support just installed. It's for reporting private issues that are not site malfunctions. Can be used for just about anything where a matter needs to be addressed privately.


As I said, a few goodies added. Please also check out the other features such as N*Blogs, N*Gallery and N*Files! Also, I have added a few links in the N*Links area. Mostly links to software to protect your computer from harm but there are more links to come.




As for the other features that have been here at N*Raged...

- still waiting for it to be updated for this version of the board software

- should be done sometime after the N*Arcade

- contacted the author recently and they are short on time, so this will take awhile

- unlikely to be returning but always a possibility

- not likely to return, but N*Gallery can be used

- considering a couple of options, one of which is a very feature-limited 'tutorial' add-on but should provide a similar function

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