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SunTrust worker fired after forwarding offensive email to NAACP


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NAACP: SunTrust Mortgage worker fired over e-mail


Published: March 18, 2010


The NAACP says a 14-year employee was fired from SunTrust Mortgage Inc. in Richmond after she was accused of sending a chain e-mail she received at work that ultimately was forwarded to the NAACP.


The fired African-American employee said she found the e-mail offensive.


The e-mail contains pictures of 40 bumper stickers such as, "Clinton ruined a dress, Obama ruined a nation," "So I guess we're even on that slavery thing eh?" and, "Diversity -- It killed 13 at Fort Hood."



Sad that our banks would rather promote offensive material instead of a persons right to express themselves.


I found one site that has the three bumper stickers listed and many of them are quite funny. I don't agree with those that are obviously racial, but there are a number that aren't.

Which is your favorite ANTI OBAMA Bumper Sticker?

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