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Supple and "Smart Medicine"


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I wonder just how much they paid Dr. Monita Poudyal, M.D. to discredit herself in this paid advertisement. Either that, or they must have had some dirt on her that she didn't want known. I actually Googled her name and it would appear that she's the real deal (ie, really holds a doctorate in medicine).


In this thing, the setting is similar to that of Larry King Live. I guess it's so that people watching it will assume that it's something legit and start forking out their life savings just to get ripped off. In it, she was acting like she was completely stupid and the other guy was some sort of genius for 'inventing' this stuff that is probably nothing more than a few supplements made to taste good. He's Peter Apatow, CEO of the Supple company, giving a money back guarantee. How about this Peter.. Offer free samples, with coupons to buy more of the crap if some poor sap thinks that it really works for them. If you're that confident about your product, then you'd know that it would be raking in the dough because people would be buying your product left and right after the samples worked for them.


What a scam.

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