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Idiots, get your fat azzes out of the way!

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I've noticed this a few times recently. People walking from the store to their vehicle, but walking in the path of traffic in such a way that it takes them forever to actually finish crossing over. Instead of going ACROSS the traffic lanes, they walk ALONG the lanes, so that you can't drive past them without going into the oncoming lane of traffic.. Sometimes not even then. It's not like they walk a few feet over and then get out of the way neither, they keep walking and walking so that it's like being behind some 90 yr old granny on a Sunday morning in a one lane neighborhood. You can't pass them and you can't run them over (well, not without getting into some major trouble).


WTH is up with these people that they think that their azzes are so important that everyone else in the world has to just 'accept' it? When it happened today, I was tempted to honk the horn and say, "Hey dude, any reason you insist on holding up traffic?" Of course, there would be the temptation to say, "Dude, I know your ass is too fat to fit on the sidewalk, but some people like to go faster than one mile an hour!"

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