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Okay, so I was out today and something I tend to do when I see people is sometimes tell someone to smile. I'll say it in a cheerful, encouraging voice so that the person I'm saying it too will find it amusing and end up smiling or laughing because of the randomness and the amusing way I say it. So I said it to this one woman that was waiting at a bus stop as I was walking to my car. Her response? "Go to hell." Okay, fine, be that way. As I was continue to walk past her, I commented, loudly, "OMG you're a butch."


Why do people have to be so nasty? If she didn't like what I said, she could have told me to leave her alone or something else. There was no need to get rude about it. Telling me to leave her alone wouldn't have exactly been the nicest thing in the world but would certainly have been more fitting to her point without crossing that line from bluntness to making Kayne West seem like Mr. Rogers.

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