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People who take life/themselves too seriously.

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When you're being a pita about something, disrespecting about someone elses views and even going to the point of showing your rear end, then you can expect to be kicked out of the chat. It's not being anti-social or closed minded, it's not wanting to deal with your crap.


I was trying to tell Kelly that part of accepting and owning her past behavior was in accepting how she is treated now and not expecting people to just kiss her tail because she says that she's changed. Contradicting that doesn't change reality and you were actually taking yourself too seriously, as though you knew more than others. Not the first time you've been that way, seriously doubt it'll be the last.

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I actually cant have conversations with you because you trully believe you are never wrong.


And I'm not the only one who thinks it.

Funny how the one who is wrong is the one who says that.


You're the one who was arguing with how things are, as though I'm wrong when I was stating a fact of life.

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