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Long story short, I've had unpleasant interactions with a couple of people associated with Meows & BowWows Animal Rescue, so I recommend avoiding them because those that I've had the misfortune of conversing with so far have left me with nothing but bad things to say. If they're willing to be rude, impolite and even threatening lawsuits over nothing, then who knows how they act towards the animals they are claiming to rescue.


Long story long...


First let me say that I make no claims to be purely innocent here. I believe that there was fault on both sides, however I haven't denied my share of things at all.


I friended someone on Facebook and the other person accepted/approved the friend request. As I went through their albums, I found a couple of pictures that I thought were really cute and so I tag a couple of people in one and then several people in the other, so that they would also see the pictures and be able to get a smile from them. One of the pictures was in an album for the "rescued" animals (there is a note saying that they foster animals for the animal rescue organization). I've had my pictures tagged multiple times before by the same person and honestly it doesn't bother me, so I didn't believe it would be a problem if I did it as well. Here's where it starts to go wrong.


This person posted a message on my wall (not a private message) telling me to stop or they would block me. Um, okay, if you don't like it, that's cool.. But what the heck? Why was it necessary to say that in the public view instead of being more discreet about it? If I didn't like what someone was doing I wouldn't go announcing it on their wall right away, I would try handling it privately first, because that's just common decency and common courtesy.


So anyway, I went ahead and delete the disrespectful wall post and decided to chat with them. I told them why I had did the tags, because I felt it was the kind thing to do so they would know that I wasn't trying to be a pain or anything. I then commented that I was wondering why they made a public post about wanting me to stop the tags, instead of doing it in a private message. Their response was that if I didn't like it, I could delete it. I tried to respond but was told that I didn't have permission to chat with that person (they had removed me as a friend).


Talk about rude. Instead of simply saying something about how that would have been more appropriate, thus agreeing that they should have handled it privately, they get defensive.


Anyway, I then start a private conversation with them and, of course, it went downhill from there. Since this person is making it publicly known that they are associated with the rescue organization, I felt it would look bad on them if this person is out acting like a PITA, because then that reflects on the organization. So I mentioned about contacting the organization so that they could have a talk with this person to basically say, "Hey, if you're going to associate yourself with us, then please show a bit more professionalism towards others." Did this person stop and rethink their actions and attitude? Oh come on, I'm writing about it aren't I, so of course they didn't! Instead, they said I was being ignorant and insulting.



Moving on, steps in someone else claiming to be an authority with the rescue organization. I say 'claiming' because I haven't been able to verify that they are or aren't a member of it. Anyway, nasty attitude from this person as well. Instead of trying to be a civil representative, it was more like a muscle flexing contest. Phrases such as 'pissing contest' and whether or not I have the 'balls' to do something came up, and I wasn't the one who said those things. Very very unprofessional conduct from someone who is supposedly helping to run an organization trying to find homes for pets.


It gets better. This person thinks that they know things that they obviously don't. I'll supply a couple of quotes so you see what I mean.

You are obviously a child or at least very young since you have no idea how things work.
OMG that's funny. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm over 21 years of age and haven't been a child for several years (at least).


So let me explain it to you. It is a legal charity.
As opposed to an illegal one?


Legal Charities are not owned, they are corporations. There are directors. I am one of three. So file your complaint right here.
Corporations can be owned, so that contradicts itself right there.



Here is the entire message (one of several), so that I can't be accused of taking something out of context:

You are obviously a child or at least very young since you have no idea how things work. So let me explain it to you. It is a legal charity. Legal Charities are not owned, they are corporations. There are directors. I am one of three. So file your complaint right here.


Since you are young let me give you a lesson in law. Your interaction with Jenni did not happen in the context of anything to do with Meows and BowWow's. It is a personal issue between you two. YOU brought us into it by making threats. I am telling you now, we do not care what personally goes on between you and someone else, who may volunteer with us. If it is an issue with an animal you got from us, then we care. But if you disparage our name based on a personal issue with another person, that is libel and slander and you can lose everything you have, and your parents have if you fail to back up your claims against us. Since you've never adopted an animal with us, nor had any contact with us, then you have no complaint about us. We happen to have someone volunteering with us that you happen to not like. Are you sure you want to bring a corporation into your disagreement with another person, or would you like to apologize to us for bringing us needlessly into your private dispute with another and move on? I suggest you say "sorry dude" and move on.


Choice is yours.


I would like to refer to this comment before any other:

Since you've never adopted an animal with us, nor had any contact with us, then you have no complaint about us.

Um, by having this conversation, that is in fact a form of contact with the organization. So right there I have a complaint and a valid one. Let's also look at the rest of the quote. If I make factual comments then it's not libel nor slander, thus I am not guilty of committing a crime. I'm not sure where this child learned business practices, but it's very obvious that they have quite a bit to learn about professionalism.


This same person went on to claim that if a suit were filed, it would be in their state and not my own. Um, if I go walking around here discouraging people from using their organization, then even if I were committing a crime, the jurisdiction falls within the locality that I'm committing that crime, not theirs.


Of course, regardless of where it's filed, since I have copies of the messages stored away safely and archives can always be subpoenaed from Facebook, there would definitely be a counter-suit filed because of their frivolous lawsuit.


As with any other person, if someone from an organization is nasty or rude to me, then I'm going to think poorly of that organization. Well run companies are aware of this and as such take things such as this very seriously and do their best to keep a positive image.


Anyways, there's basically the story. With nasty "in your face" attitudes like that, I recommend that people avoid using their organization because it's very obvious (especially from the quote above) that they don't care about people in general. If they're going to be like this towards those who can speak up for themselves, I wonder how they treat those who can't speak at all (such as the defenseless animals). Very disturbing thought.



To Meows & BowWows:

If you wish to discuss this matter and try to come to a more civil resolution, you are free to contact me. This topic will remain and, upon any resolution that I deem acceptable, will be updated to include that information.

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