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The most amazing guys would say that you don't give them the time of day because of their looks.

The hot guys wouldn't give a crap because they're jerks.

The ugly ones are too nice to tell you the painful truth.

The funny guys would say you need to put out more.


The right guy is obviously not the right guy (for you) if you don't exist in his world.

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Yeah.. That's usually how it is. Unfortunately, most of the kindest, caring men that you will meet aren't really in the "good looking" department. As I say: Love isn't about finding a flawless person, but you TRULY love someone by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.


It's up to you. If you truly love someone, you'll be able to look past their physical flaws. Wolfie is right as well. If you are non-existent to the guy you like, he definitely isn't the one for you. Try being more confident, because confidence is sexy. If it still doesn't work, then he's the one missing out and you shouldn't worry about it.


I mean, i'm practically married to this:


But, I can get past his physical flaws because he has a perfect personality to me, and I love him with all my being. :) It'll all come into place soon.

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