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I rarely go to watch movies at the theater and in fact haven't been in awhile. However something that someone mentioned that happened to them reminded me of some irritations of going to watch movies on the big screen.


People who annoy me at theaters...

  • People on cell phones. I'm not referring to people who quietly answer their phone, mention that they're in the theater and are usually off the phone within a minute of answering. They might be answering the phone to make sure there's not an emergency of some sort. No, I'm referring to the people who have the ringer on full blast, don't turn it down, answer it and carry on a conversation with a voice that is loud enough to be disruptive for several rows/aisles. These are the imbeciles that make it necessary to have little devices that can disrupt cell phone signals but are also the same people who complain about such devices so that those devices are illegal. But heaven forbid that there should be any rules or laws to limit their phone usage no matter how inconsiderate it may be towards others!
  • People with kids. I'm talking about those with kids that run around and don't know how to behave. Before anything is shown on the screen, that's one thing and I can understand there being some wiggle room on what should be tolerated. But once the trailers start, those kids need to be in their seats and any talking they do need to be limited and in whispered voices. If it's a kids movie and something funny happens, then yes I understand that a lot of the kids will laugh. Heck, I can even understand if a whole lot of the kids yell out at certain parts of the movie (like if the actor in the movie asks the kids "Should I do (whatever)?" and all the kids yell "YES!" or "NO!"). But that's pretty much it. When your kid is talking loudly during the trailers, they are ruining the experience for everyone. That kid might be talking while people are trying to listen to certain dialog and they're going to miss it because of that kid. It's even worse when the movie is well beyond their years and the kid is old enough to either start asking questions (Mommy, why are those two men naked in bed with each other?) or to be bored to tears (Mommy when is it going to be over?). If it's a little baby or a little toddler and they are sleeping, then that's different. Don't get me started on those parents who refuse to remove their crying child from the theater!
  • Tall people or exploding hairstyles/hats. These people need to learn to sit their asses in the extreme BACK of the theater, because when I can't see the screen, then there's a problem. People who have Marge Simpson style hairdos need to remember that others behind them will be missing 90% of the movie no matter where they sit unless it's in the last row or in some cases they are sitting next to the wall. We're not from Krypton lady, we don't have X-ray vision!
  • Seat hoppers. These people get up to leave and then return more times in 90 minutes (bathroom calls, food runs, etc) than I do in an entire day. These people need to get an aisle seat so that they won't be disrupting everyone else.
  • Groups. I understand that people may all band together to watch a movie for an enhanced experience, but you either seat yourselves in such a way that you all can talk quietly amongst yourselves or you need to just STFU.
  • Sex fiends. Look, if she's ugly, I don't wanna see her getting pumped by you. If she's hot, then unless I'm gonna get to tap it, I don't wanna see it because then I'll be distracted by it for the rest of the movie and won't get to enjoy what I wanted to see to begin with. Only exception (aside from me being allowed to hit it as well) is if the movie turns out to be morbidly horrible, then the side show will be a welcome change. If it's two hot chicks getting in one with one another, then that's another possible exception.
  • Spoilers. I don't care if you HAVE seen the movie 23 times. This is my first time watching it and I'd rather watch it than to heard your loud f'ing mouth tell me what's about to happen!
  • Complainers. These are the people that will take ANYTHING and turn it into a catastrophe of some sort. One time I went to watch a movie and someone had turned on the lights during the movie. The whole incident was over with in under a minute. Later on, a couple of people who saw the movie were complaining to a manager saying that it went on for five or so minutes. I'm thinking, "Okay, I can understand that you want to get free tickets because of the incident, but saying it was five minutes is a f'ing lie!" These are also the same people that would complain that silk feels too slippery or that stainless steel is too hard. They'd complain about how they weren't murdered correctly if they could talk from the grave.


Okay I think I've covered my list of peeves for theaters. Haven't really had an issue with the sex fiends one, but it has crossed my mind that some people do that during a movie and I'd really rather watch the movie unless she's hot and I'm gonna get to tap it.

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Wowwww sex fiends. Never seen that in a theater, and i hope i dont! But yeah, dont you hate it when your watching a movie, and a guy takes off his shirt and all the girls scream? I mean, its just his chest! WTF IS SO AMAZING ABOUT A CHEST?! I've seen wayyy hotter guys than Taylor Lauther, example my boyfriend Phillip. And i hate it too when people are constently texting next to me. Cause every 5 seconds i see a light flash next to me and i end up missing a part in the movie. It's so annoying!
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