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Wow, my friend Gracia either got hacked... OR she's a stripper. :)


[21:36] graciabnd: ;-) hey good lookin!

[21:37] ME: Lol umm hey :P

[21:37] graciabnd: hi sweetie

[21:37] ME: Random

[21:37] graciabnd: how are you? i'm okay just bored

[21:39] ME: I'm good, just bored, also.

[21:39] graciabnd: i just got my webcam today at walmart :)

[21:39] ME: AWesome :)

[21:39] graciabnd: you ever watched a girl on webcam?

[21:39] ME: Umm, what?

[21:40] graciabnd: oh thats cool, you wanna watch me? im 19 btw

[21:40] ME: Gracia

[21:40] graciabnd: you dont have to have a webcam to see me

[21:40] ME: ...

[21:40] graciabnd: you can take my webcam virginity hehe

[21:43] ME: That sounds nice. :)

[21:44] graciabnd: ok go here http://Yahoo-Invite.Info an click 'JOIN FREE' at the top of the page in yellow

[21:44] ME: But what if I don't want to?

[21:44] graciabnd: once you create a free account give me the user name u made

[21:44] ME: UpYours247? :o

[21:44] graciabnd: so i can invite you to my webcam ok?

[21:45] ME: I just gave you my name, stop procrastinating and give me something!

[21:45] graciabnd: yeah its free

[21:45] ME: Not popular enough yet? Sad..

[21:45] graciabnd: ok

[21:45] ME: Okay. :)

[21:46] graciabnd: ok let me change into something sexy

[21:46] ME: BOING!


I hope it was as good for her as it was for me. :)

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