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SPACEMAN STU (full song/video)


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Spaceman Stu liked to gaze up at the stars

He dreams of floating with them in his spaceman car

And when he touched down he couldn't believe his eyes

All of his favorite things started floating by and he did, too

Spaceman Stu


Spaceman Stu floated up to the man in the moon

They sat and talked about the planets Mercury to Neptune

And then Stu asked him, "What did Pluto do?"

'Cause not all that long ago it was a planet too

And the moon just smiled

At this wonder child


And with his dog Orion by his side, he'll fly away

Off to their little secret place behind the Milky Way

Spaceman Stu has a cardboard rocket box

It has a Captain's chair he made out of his blocks


And when the countdown reaches 3, 2, 1

Shake, rattle, boom, kapow!

We'll head off towards the sun

And here we go, leave Earth below


La la la la la la la....


The cartoonist:


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