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The nerve of some people

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Recently I went to a local Costco and while waiting for a parking space, this woman comes along and causes a traffic jam. This actually happened a couple of weeks ago so the exact details about it may not be accurate but the overall situation is what's important here.


Okay so I pulled into an aisle and noticed that someone was getting ready to leave. Then someone else was getting ready to leave as car #1 pulled up. So we're both waiting for these people to leave so we can take the spots. Somewhere along the line, the space next to #1 was blocked, I believe someone else was busy pulling out and was waiting for #1 to move so they could finish. Anyways, this lady (shown in red but her vehicle was actually grey) pulls up behind me and then decides that she's not going to wait. So she pulls to my left and as one car pulls out of a spot, they are blocked in because the lady (in red) is blocking the only way out. So I rolled down my window and told her that she needed to back up. She was like "ok" and then just sat there so I told her again and she snapped at me (I think she made a comment asking why I don't back up even though I was waiting there first). Anyways she finally backs up and the blocked in car is able to leave. Then she proceeds to do the crap again and tries to pull past me, merging back into the right side and causing even more of a jam. As she finally gets down there, I see another guy talking to her. I asked him (as he passed by me) if she was rude to him too and he said no, that he told her that she caused an issue and she was rather apologetic about it.


After I finally managed to park (after car #1 had parked and this bad driver had parked, BEFORE ME), I went in and I saw her at the customer service desk. I walked up, told her that she needs to learn how to drive and as I was walking away, she told me that I need to learn some manners. This coming from the person that caused a traffic jam out of selfishness and inconvenienced at least half a dozen people because of it. Yeah maybe I shouldn't have said that but given the circumstances she should have just said, "Okay" or nothing at all. Saw her again in the store, told her that I had manners and that she didn't and proceeded to walk away again as she piped in her last word (again). So after leaving, I wrote a little note telling her that she was the one who was rude for what she did. Ha, got the last word on her.


I won't deny that I didn't handle that with the best 'class' possible, but when someone does shit like that, they need to be told. The problem is that people refuse to accept when they're wrong about what they did wrong.

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Forgot to include this horrible diagram that gives a rough idea on how things happened.


I believe there were at least two other people inconvenienced by this whole mess that I just didn't highlight.


The white spots with X's are where shopping carts go. Green cars are those trying to leave, yellow cars are those waiting to park or just waiting to get past. Brown part below is a median and the green part is the median between the parking area and an entrance/exit. If I recall, the third car down on the right was also trying to leave.


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