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Okay so I went somewhere on Monday and when heading back home, I got on the interstate. I stayed in the right lane to take an exit onto an expressway. Well wouldn't you know it, someone in the lane next to me wanted to merge over and despite there not being clearance, they started merging over anyway. I hit the horn and the guy kept merging as though he owned the road. I let off of the gas so that there wouldn't have been an accident, although I should have let him so that he'd get a ticket for it and learn that he needs to get his ego in check.


Alas though, I don't like the hassle of having to get a car repaired and also having to deal with an insurance company that will try to claim that they don't need to cover the repair costs because their client wasn't in the wrong... I swear, there could be a video of an accident happening, where the driver of a vehicle clearly broke the law and was undoubtedly the cause, and their insurance would say, "We analyzed the video and have determined that the driver didn't do anything wrong, so we're not responsible for the repair cost." Yeah, right.


Times like that, I wish a cop would have been nearby to pull the driver over and write them a citation. I'd gladly pull over and go to court that day to testify that the idiot nearly caused an accident from their careless driving. At least, if they tried to claim that they were innocent and that the officer was wrong on what they saw. Being able to say that I saw the officer pull the correct vehicle over would certainly put a nail in their coffin, especially if they were to stay that the officer did pull them over but that they weren't the one that did it.


"Um, they pulled you over and you're the one who almost hit me, how did the officer get the wrong person then? Hmmmm???" Exactly.

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