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Another "Where is Rube" moment...


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Okay so I went to Golden Corral today and when I got there, I saw this lady (old hag) trying to park her car by backing into a parking space. Well, the fact that her ancient carcass was already bad at it didn't stop her from talking on the cell as though she was having a life or death conversation with someone. She was moving slow and I managed to park and actually get to the door before her and I actually took another minute before I was able to be parked. It gets better. She was behind me in line and was talking on the phone like she was something special. At the register, she had to look for a card or something and was starting to fumble around in her purse and it was obvious that she was having trouble. That's when I spoke up and told her that if she'd get off of the phone, she'd drive better and be able to look for stuff easier in her purse.


She didn't seem to understand me at first but hopefully the words "get off the phone" stuck with her enough that later on she figures out that I was telling her that her royal butt isn't so important that she needs to be on the phone the way she was. Makes me wish that I had a small postcard sized note that basically says, "Some people don't know how to drive while on the phone. You're one of them."


As though it wasn't bad enough to be talking on the phone while parking and being the source of traffic issues, continuing on inside and talking on the phone as though the cashier isn't worthy of her time is just outright rude.


I could see Rube now, pointing out how she's old enough to know better and that she should be ashamed of herself and to stop acting like she wasn't raised to have any common sense. For her to be put in her place would have rocked.

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