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[SX]Bear Hunting

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A Canadian hunter was out in the forest looking for bears. He saw a brown bear in the distance, so took careful aim with his rifle and fired. It was a well-aimed shot, and the bear dropped dead.


There was a furry tap on his shoulder. He turned around to see a 200-kilo black bear. "Excuse me," said the bear, "I couldn't help but notice that you just shot my cousin. Now you've got a choice. Either I can maul you to death, or you can let me shag you."


Not a great pair of choices, but the hunter figured that he'd rather not die, and opted for choice #2. The bear duly had its way with him and wandered off.


The hunter staggered home. It took him a week to recover. Once he was better, he went back to the woods, tracked down the black bear and shot it dead.


Another furry tap on his shoulder. Behind him this time was a 400-kilo grizzly bear. "You've shot my cousin," said the grizzly. "Either I maul you to death, or you let me shag you."


Cornered, the hunter opted for choice #2 again. This was worse than before, and it took him nearly a month to recover. However, once better he went back into the woods, tracked down the grizzly and shot it dead.


Another furry tap on his shoulder. Behind him was a 1000-kilo Kodiak bear. "Admit it," said the bear, "you don't come here for the hunting, do you?"

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