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Cool game.


You can download it from GameHouse.com or Shockwave.com.


If you go to play the different puzzles, then look here if you need help. Look for the puzzle number in the topic. If you can't find a topic with the puzzle number you need help with, then make a new topic with the puzzle number (and puzzle name if you know it) and ask for help.


Keep in mind that the puzzles repeat after #108. So #109 is really #1, #110 is really #2, etc.



For those wondering why I'm doing it... It's fun to make a map of success. It's also good to see if others play the game and then have a different strategy that works better (higher score, easier instructions, etc). Also, if someone is stuck on one of the levels, it helps them to get past it. B)


If you decide to play the game and you find a better way to do one of the puzzles, then reply to the puzzle # and give your instructions.


Puzzles #1-10:


#1 Art

#2 Mixing Colors

#3 Baseball

#4 White Stripe

#5 Blue X

#6 Purple In The Middle

#7 Robe

#8 Red Door

#9 Wink

#10 Deception

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