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Big fusses over small issues


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Yes, Vanessa Hudgens is hot as hot can be.

Yes, she took some nice pictures (ahem).

Yes, they were meant to be private but somehow got made public.


But geez, what's all the fuss about?


On the one hand, she's embarrassed when she has nothing to be embarrassed about.


On the other hand, everyone and their bed buddy are going all nuts about how they'd do her now that they've had a chance to see her nekkid.


Get over it already. If you want to bang any female you've seen nekkid, then think back to all the dogs (literally canines) that you've ever met. You've seen them nekkid, so go do them. While you're at it, go get caught up in Dateline's "To Catch A Predator" series, so that everyone else in the world can see who you are so they can avoid you're tail.


As for VH, she needs to just relax. She's just given her fans something more to admire about her. As I said before, she has nothing to be embarrassed about... Except for the fact that she's not here with me. B)

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Seriously, I agree with Wolfie,except for the her being with him thing, that I don't really care about.B).Although I haven't seen the photos(unlike someone who prolly

'accidentally stumbled upon' them ...*cough*) I agree.So what, she took some piccys and she happened to be nekkid in them, people act like it's their business, it's not.It's Vanessa's.It's odd how some people stick their heads so far in celebritys' business yet have no lives of their own, depressing really; well, it would be if I really cared.Lol, but seriously there's no point in making such a big fuss about it, leave her alone people.

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I won't deny it, I didn't "stumble upon" them, I went a-hunting.


Just her standing there smiling while nekkid. Nothing to justify people getting bent out of shape over. Instead of focusing on her being nude, as though it's some sort of crime to have a picture of an uncovered vagina, people should be looking at how she seems to be in good shape and great health. If that were to be harped on, I'm sure that would help a lot of girls feel better (that look up to her), knowing that they don't have to be skinny as a beanpole to be attractive. To not be ashamed of what their bodies look like. To know that not a crime to feel good about how they look.


But nooooo.. She's supposed to be some sort of a perfect role model, despite the fact that she's a living entity with feelings, wants, needs, desires (ahem) and a mind of her own.


Although I will say... Damn she looks gooooood...

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