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i know i'm guilty of doing this in the past, but i'm really getting sick of being ditched by my best friend for her boyfriend. i wouldn't mind as much if i wasn't about to go back to school 3 1/2 hours away from home knowing that she'll be able to see him possibly every weekend if she really wants when she won't see me again for months. it's just, this friday, we were supposed to take a little trip to go see a band we really like, and we'd been planning it for weeks, and then last week i started getting a feeling she was going to back out. of course, sunday she tells me it's not going to work. then i find out today that she's going to that same city tomorrow, with the boyfriend. then she asks if we can take a trip up to her new apartment next week so i can see it before i leave, but next week for me is just about the busiest thing in my world, so for all i know, she's not going to spend any real time with me before i go away. i guess i probably sound really greedy, but every summer we plan and take a little trip, and it just sucks that she backed out at the last minute, but is fine going on one with the boyfriend.
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