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My Exciting Evening!


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I feel so badly! I let Landon nap on my bed, which isn't a new thing. He naps on my bed all the time. I was laying in the bed but not looking right at Landon. When I turned around, Patches was in the bed. He knows he's not allowed in the bed with the baby and when he saw me he hastened to get off the bed. The problem was that, in his haste, he failed to watch where he was going and stepped on Landon's face! OMG...my poor baby. I'm talking 70lbs of dog walking right on my tiny, 12lb buddy's face! The dog knew he was in trouble and just went and put himself in the corner, seriously. Landon looked at me with this awful look like I'd totally betrayed him for about 30 seconds and then let out in an all out wail. Then Patches started crying too! Landon's cheek IMMEDIATELY started to swell and he was shrieking horribly. (I would be too.) I called my mom to make sure an ER visit was warranted. She said to take him but to put ice on it until I got there, good call Mommy! The ice pack stopped the swelling and calmed him down a bit. I was just worried that with that much weight, something might have been cracked or broken. Anyway, the doctor checked him all out and said that everything seemed fine and nothing felt out of place. She said to really see the facial bones they'd have to do a CT scan and it really didn't seem that that was warranted as he was no longer showing signs of pain (just minor discomfort) and she couldn't feel anything obvious. So we're home now and I am supposed to watch him for signs of a head injury for 48 hours. Mostly make sure he can be awoken every 3 - 4 hours. I feel SO bad! I can't believe this happened. And my poor Patches is STILL pouting. I know he didn't mean it but I think he thinks I'm going to take him back to the shelter! :'(
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Yikes what a night ..... sorry.


My mom when she had her first child well seems to be that from what I have heard the first born seems to be the one to get the bumps if ya know what I mean hell man she placed my older sis on the changing table, dropped the diaper, mom bent down to get it ( holding sis with one hand) as she reached, and my sis rolled off the table BAM landed first on moms back then the floor. Man oh man mom felt horrible for a long time after that ......... :o

Glad I am NOT the first born :P

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