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  1. IWJKS I wish Jackson kissed slugs. PGMFQ
  2. That is a really bizarre story and, well...the woman deserves to have her dog back! Very generous of her to offer to buy a new dog, but she shouldn't have to do that.
  3. TRUE! I LOVE peanut butter! The person underneath likes taking trips to West Virginia.
  4. That stinks. I hope they don't go too hard on ya'.
  5. Who knows. It's not worth it. Time I pay a lawyer, court fees, yadda yadda yadda, I'm better off to move on and get over it. Thanks for the thought though.
  6. They're an awful company. They took us for $700! I don't even know how they got my account information. It was over a year ago though, so I'm just moving on, though it'd be nice to have the money now. Oh, the response they kept giving me was, "A payment can't be refunded once it is made." I was like, "Wait a minute. I didn't make the payment. Y'all STOLE it, ILLEGALLY!"
  7. I'm glad you noticed what was going on. A little over a year ago my hubby and I (we'd only been married a month) had our checking account wiped out. Actually, it was thrown $500 into the hole. We rushed to a friend's, because we were lacking in the internet department at that point in time, and found out that DISH NETWORK was putting through unauthorized charges. I cancelled that card and fought for weeks, literally with Dish Network. I never did get our money back, UGH! So...NEVER do business with dish. They're corrupt! Anyway, I TOTALLY know how you feel. It's scary. Glad its all fixed.
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