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Ok, if you haven't already heard about it..


Just go do a google on Jamie Lynn Spears, and you'll come across many news articles about the newly released information pertaining to Brit's very tappable younger sister.


She's 12 weeks preggers, by her 19 yr old boyfriend, Casey Aldridge.


Guess he has bragging rights now on having scored her. Wouldn't be the only time neither. Apparently, Jamie Lynn has a pregnancy 'scare' back before July, because of missing her period. Hmmm, why would she be worried about being pregnant, unless she was having sex? :P


Ok being serious for a moment... Jamie Lynn has always struck me as being sensible (especially when compared to her older sister). So that brings something to mind. If she's sensible, she would have taken precautions to not get pregnant. Makes one wonder if perhaps she didn't do it on purpose on some level. My point? That maybe this isn't as accidental as she's making it appear. After all, she supposedly took a home test, then had a doctor visit to confirm it, and then "took some time to think about it", before telling her parents. Would seem to me that she was dragging it out to play down the chances of an abortion.


Regardless of that though, would appear that she loves the sex. :o

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Eww :P :o :dots:


I always thought Jamie-Lynn was the sensible one too. If I were her I would never appear on Zoey101 again. Geez. Loads of kids are gonna be asking their parents stuff.

"Mom, Dad, can you help me get pregnant like Zoey?"



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