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Hello fellow N*Ragers (overdue update)


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Yes yes, I'm a bad admin for being MIA but I'm still here with some information.


First, made a slight change to the site configuration, so please notify me of any problems. The main problem that should be encountered, if any, would be something not loading or some kind of an error that something can't be found. If that's the case use the N*Tracker to report it so that I can attend to it. If for some reason that won't work, then reply here describing the problem you had using the N*Tracker and the other problem you encountered.


For those curious about the change made, I simply changed the file/folder structure of where the website goes to. If this doesn't make any sense to you, don't worry about it. If you understand it then you know that how that can cause problems.



Next, I am waiting for new release of the software that I use here for these forums. It has a drastically different appearance to it but also has several new features/options added to it. Some of those options will help severely when trying to combat spambots and the like.



For anyone that would like to test out the upcoming upgrade, there is a test only forum setup. Anything done on there will be wiped out so don't do anything on there that you'll want to save. While trying it out, if you encounter any problems, like something not working correctly, then please report it in this topic:

N*Raged Testing Grounds

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