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An ad featuring roller-skating babies performing back flips and dance moves in their nappies has become an online hit.


The 60-second clip, shot at London's famous Pinewood Studios as part of a global television and web campaign for Evian water, has already been viewed more than four million times on YouTube.


One of the men from the special effects team behind the commercial said real-life babies who could barely walk were placed in front of green screens before being transformed into CGI tots.


"[The team] would have rocked the baby gently backwards and forwards with a particular break dance move in mind," Ludo Fealy of the Motion Picture Company was quoted on CBS News as saying.


A professional skater was filmed performing various stunts before a computer-generated baby's body was replicated to perform the same moves.


The heads of the real-life babies were then added to the digital bodies.


The entire sequence takes place in a CGI-generated version of New York's Manhattan Park with a remix of the Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight" playing in the background.


Evian's international bran director Michael Aidan said the company was trying to sell water drinkers "a dream".


"Consumers expect more from a big brand emotion, dream … this is what we want to achieve — hence this breakaway and back to roots campaign."


Evian used CGI babies in a commercial 11 years ago where the infants performed an underwater ballet.


Roller Skating



Underwater Ballet


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