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Okay have an arcade system installed but it's a bit buggy. For one thing, it doesn't appear to be able to save scores at the moment. It's something that a couple of people put together since the other arcade developers seem to be dragging their feet for the arcade systems that other people had been using in the past. Because of that, this one isn't as feature rich, but it's definitely better than nothing. At this point, I don't plan to install too many games, as I am hoping certain bugs will get fixed first and other features will get added before I go all nuts.


Only reason I'm installing this version and opening it up is because it's long overdue (an arcade system) and thanks to a couple of developers, they have made it possible when originally they weren't making it as a replacement but just a temporary fill-in.


seal bounce.png

I had some fun already. Enjoy. :)


If you encounter any problems, please report them in the Entertainment category of the N*Site section. If it's something that I've done wrong, then I can fix it otherwise I'll redirect it to the developers to handle.

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i just registered problem is why can't i access the arcade system?

Newly joined members can't access some of the sites features for security reasons. Once a new member is promoted to another group, they get access to just about everything there is here.

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