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Okay, so I started a new job a few weeks ago. I went to orientation, got payed for that, then worked 3 other days, and only got payed for two of those days. (Probably getting another check on Firday for the other day) So I get my second check today, and it was for like 64 bucks. So I'm like 64 bucks woot, but then I look at the check and it says $5.12. So, I read the tax part and see that they took out $52.00 for ONE tax and $6.00 for two other taxes. Okay, I don't mind paying taxes but I think $52.00 for one tax is a little insane. I mean it's like 95% of my freaking check! And the stupid thing is, the tax was a township tax, and I didn't even work in that township. My mom is going to call the company on Monday to yell at them for me. (I told her to forget about it, but she wants to yell so...)


I'm pissed. B)

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