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I just realized how stupid I am. My last post was about how upset I was over my haircut being messed up. Yes, it sucks considering I have school pictures soon. But why do I care so much about hair? And its not just me that worrys over stupid stuff like that, everybody does. We worry and fuss over the smallest things that dont matter. And its ridiculous.


Last June I took a trip that changed my life. I went to the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota with my church, and the kids there live in such terrible situations. When we were there, their water was shut off all over the city for no reason. They couldn't cook their meals, use a toilet or bath, or even have a drink of water. The houses are crumbling and falling apart and between 1 and 3 people commit suicide every week.


The kids:

Malisa: Shares a mattress with her mom, dad, 3 sisters, brother, and uncle. They dont have a car and have to walk 10 miles to the store and she has to walk 15 miles to the school, by herself. She cant count any higher than her age, which is 6. Her mom didnt trust us so she was giving a fake name, Malisa. I found out from the other kids her real name is Wiyanka. But luckly even though we werent trusted, she was still able to come play and learn.I fell in love with this girl and I miss her so much it hurts.


Lovely: Her and her sisters are constantly beaten and abused by their own parents. We've seen them hit and kicked right in front of us.


Kilimina: Wants a bunny really bad but "Daddy has no money" She has seen her dog killed by her neighbors (which isnt uncommon, kids constantly run them over with their bikes, kick them, etc because they have been hurt in their lives and think its OK to hurt back, and the animals are the only ones who wont fight them.), and her cat run over by a car.


Laurence: His parents favor him over his sister Ragger, and its obvious. she is left out while he is "pampered", if you could even call it that. His dad is an alcoholic and when asked why his dad couldnt come play with us, he started to cry and say "he cant come because hes too drunk! Mommys really mad!" It broke my heart.


Tanner: His parents abuse him terribly. He hates his life so much, he got involved in gangs and has burned down 2 houses in hopes of living in Juvie instead of with his parents. But his plan didnt work.


These are just a couple of the kids and the very basics of what they have to go through. I just think its ridiculous that people worry over the dumbest things when there are people out there living lives like theirs. Why do people worry over what clothes to wear or get so upset when we cant buy the latest electronic? It bugs me when people complain about stuff like that, but I do the same thing. We really need to be thankful for what we have. It sucks when people dont realize they are so blessed.

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While I agree that we should be thankful for what we have, we shouldn't give up happiness over it. What you described is horrible, I'll admit. Unfortunately, even if you were to show it to the world, there is only so much that can be done to improve the lives of those involved. Also, if you compare your life to other peoples lives, you'll always encounter people who are either better off than you and don't give a crap (or might give a crap but can't or won't do anything about it) or those who are worse off and you wish you could help but can't for some reason.


Being upset about how your hair was cut is perfectly acceptable. It's the lifestyle you're accustomed to and I'm sure that if you were to go and give a screwed up haircut to one of those kids you mentioned, they'd be upset with you for not trying to do a better job.


The important thing to remember is that it's not your fault and you shouldn't feel guilty for being upset about something 'trivial' in your life.

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