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Stupid drivers... REVENGE!

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Okay so it recently snowed here and I got a huge laugh from the news about this. Apparently there were a large number of accidents reported and I think a majority of those accidents were from people not knowing how to drive in the snow. I'd like to add my own little correction to that though. It's from people NOT KNOWING HOW TO DRIVE! Don't add anything about snow into that comment, because if those idiots knew how to drive, they'd know that they have to be even more careful when driving in the white stuff than when driving in the rain. I always love the first snow of the season, because then the idiots get into wrecks and are either out of commission for a few days (no car to drive) or they realize that they need to drive VERY carefully. For those few that are egotistical enough to believe that it wasn't their fault, they soon enough will get into another accident and then their skyrocketing insurance premiums will force them to be more careful.


At any rate, after the first day of the first snow of the season, around here it usually becomes safe to drive in the mess because those who are still driving in it have learned the need for caution and those who haven't driven in it yet are usually those who know better than to go out during the first day unless necessary. If only I could have a super HD camera and be somewhere that a lot of accidents happen, be funny to record it and then when they are saying that they were driving cautiously, to play it back and be like, "Um, does that really look like you were driving safely? I swear it looks like you were flying down the road and then tried to slam on your brakes, only to skid around and plow into those cars.."

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