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Okay so was out and about today. While on the interstate heading to a store, I saw this truck (similar in style to a big U-Haul truck) that was tailgating people. First I noticed him in the far right lane, maybe 10 ft behind the car if not closer. Keep in mind that this is on the interstate, where the speed limit is 55/65 MPH and people tend to go a little over the speed limit. So anyway, he merged to the middle lane and proceeded to tailgate the person just ahead of him. I don't blame that person for merging to another lane to avoid being tailgated, because if he were to have to slam on the breaks, that'd be the end of him and his minivan. So I kept an eye on the vehicle and managed to see a number to call and reported the vehicle. Now, I didn't get the sense that this driver was aggressive at all, like he felt he owned the road or anything, just disturbing that he was tailgating as though he was driving a vehicle that could stop on a dime.


Okay so after taking care of business, I headed back to the interstate. Where I was getting on, there were basically three lanes for the on ramp. One from the east bound traffic and two from the west bound, separated by a concrete median strip, with the two left lanes (from west bound traffic) merging together and then the two sides merging before meeting alongside the interstate for merging there. Whew! Anyway, this a-hole behind me cuts across the strip and guns it so that he can cut me off and beat me to getting onto the interstate. A few minutes later I managed to pass by him and leave him behind like the loser he is. What I want to know is, what was the point of all that? He was in some sort of a hurry to end up behind me in the end so what was he hoping to accomplish? If he wanted to feel like a hotshot for a minute only to look like a donkeys rear afterward, then he managed to do that perfectly.


Now don't get me wrong, I know I'm not a perfect driver by any means, but there are things that people do that just makes no sense to me and I seriously would love to understand it.


On to an honorable mention here. This self important person showed some mental progress. I was going to a store to grab a few things to eat and what should I see but a car in the fire lane almost right in front of the doorway. They had their hazards on and were in the drivers seat, so I presume they were waiting for someone to come out of the store. So I pulled up behind them to act like I'm stupid (as though I didn't get the hint from their blinkers) and a moment later, they started moving! They actually moved out of the way and I'm guessing they came up with the brilliant idea (albeit obscenely obvious concept) of idling somewhere that is OUT OF THE WAY until the person they are waiting for comes out of the store. Nah, really? You mean that waiting off to the side so you're not being a rude ass is actually a good idea?!? WOW!


When I'm being a taxi for someone and I don't want to go into the store with them, I try to stay close but out of the way. I'll idle in multiple spaces away from other cars if necessary but if possible I'll idle in a reserved spot of some sort (ready to pull out if necessary). I don't interrupt the flow of traffic and can't understand why others do it.

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