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Welcome To N*raged!


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Welcome to N*Raged!

THE place to let everyone know what's making you mad.


You are probably wondering, "What is N*Raged?"

Simply put, it's a board based site where you can vent your frustrations. If there is something that is really irking you, stressing you out, making you see red, has you feeling like you could punch someone through a brick wall, etc, then we want to know about it! Post about the situation!! Even if it's something that you were wrong about, post about it! It's a good way to release your anger and let others sympathize/relate with how you are feeling. Who knows, maybe there's something to be learned from it or advice to be gotten.

Wondering what the cost is?

No gimmicks, no hidden charges, no loss of features. Free meaning free. In fact, as of this post, there isn't even a way to donate money to me. You sign up, you're a member, easy as that. Now, you DO have to make posts to get more privileges, but that's just a reward for posting.

What about the rules?

Pretty much use some common sense. Making a post that says "Life sucks" certainly isn't anything original and is just a waste. Tell us WHY your life sucks. Also watch your language! Hell, everyone needs to let out a shit and give a damn once in awhile, and we love to talk about buttholes. But no need to be vulgar. Keep it respectable or it'll get edited to clean it up. Also don't be an butthole. If you disagree with someone, that's fine. But don't act like they're your worst enemy and it's a "to the death" battle. Basically, be respectful and expect the same in return. As I get more organized with the site (me organized...
), the rules will get updated. There is a RT&C link at the top of the page (Rules, Terms & Conditions), so be sure to read those from time to time.



There is also a site feedback forum, so if there is an area of ranting that you feel isn't being addressed or that deserves its own special area, let me know. If you have other issues/concerns, lemme know!



Most importantly though, enjoy your visit here!




The site is still new (look at when this post was made), so be kind and give it a chance! B)

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Gotta play Q Bert!! I was searching the web to find it for my vbulletin board...and you have it, but I can't play it yet. Not enough posts!! LOL


Where did you download it for your board? Can't find it on ibproarcade, etc...


Have a good one. Oh, and people who can't talk about what pisses them off pisses me off!! Just to stay in tune with the forum rules.

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