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In the news lately, you will see the NFL player M. Vick. He has been holding underground dog fights for along time now. He had a bunch of pit bulls and was training them to make them fight. I can't stand stuff like that. Your taking dogs and actually making them fight for there lives just for your entertainment. That really pisses me off. At the end of most of the dog fights, one is hurt really bad, if not both. Some are just hanging in there by a few breathes. I think what he has been doing is really wrong. Fans all across are getting fired up. If you go to a game, you can bring his jersey and get in for free. They will put a line through the number 7 on the jersey. They have select spots where dogs can now come down and watch the football game. When they take a shit, they use his jersey to get it up. Thats what im talking about. I hope he gets punished for a very long time, without bail as well. You shouldnt get mans best friend and just make them fight till they die.
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So what do you think should happen to Michael Vick?


Perhaps put him into a ring with others guilty of the same crimes and let them fight it out, using the same standards as for the dogs? Where they fight nearly to the death? Perhaps let them fight against dogs.


What if he continues to do it? How are you going to stop him? Eventually, no matter how hard you try, if he really wants to do it, he'll find a way to do it.


On the flip side of things, how do you know that the dogs aren't enjoying the thrill of fighting?

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what should happen to him. he's rich so nothing will. for us normal people if we did that, we would go to jail. for super stars they have enough money to get away from things. the justice system isnt fair. i say w.e. the crime was, let em suffer that same way. yea let em get in a ring and let the pit bulls tear em up. if he continues to do it, more people would be N-Raged and will start fighting back. get some one who is such a strong animal lover, yea i think they would actually try n kill em, even if they get sentenced to life. how do i no the dogs arent enjoying. hell if i no, im not a dog, but i no they have feelings to just like us humans and when hurt, they cry out in pain. the videos i have seen all u hear is pain and howling. if that sounds like there enjoying it, then ill just let u think they r.
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What if he was part of it but was told and convinced that it was all legal and shit? Then while he may have been a participant, if those he trusted and relied on for advice lied to him, then he could have been set up, knowing that if things got busted, his popularity would take the heat while others could all make deals and conspire against him. All of a sudden, one celebrity is taking the heat and spending lots of money to try to avoid jail while all the others get slaps on the wrist.


Another possibility is that he could have been a spectator who was suckered into letting someone use his name, residence, etc for their activities, but now he's taking the heat for it.


Now I'm not saying that he's innocent, only that possibilities should be considered.

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