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People Who Lack Common Sense

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We have 10 of those in my science class.

Its like, "What are the small airsacks called?"

*8 people put hand up*

Ashley: AVEOLI!


Hannah: AVEOLI!

They don't give other people a chance.

Blame the teachers for that.



I know! People havent given me or anyone else a chance many times.

Then when they call out, the teacher is like, "good, good!"

This is why you blame the teachers. If they knew that they'd get in trouble even if the answer is right, then they'd stop. Would be even more of an impact if they'd get made to look stupid if they shout out the wrong answer. Because then it's like "Ok wrong answer you get made an example of, right answer and you get disciplined for being rude". No reward and the behavior would change.




Over confident folk shadow folk with low confidence/self esteem.
No, that's called balance. Idiots think that they need to be daredevils, show offs and "godfathers" to make up for those who are not quite as outgoing.
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True, but it must be difficult for the teachers

Not really...



Someone blurts out the wrong answer.. "Very good Jossi. You've not only demonstrated how it's rude to just shout out an answer, but you've also let the rest of the class know how much more attention you need to pay in class."


Someone blurts out the right answer.. "That's incorrect Jimmy. (picks someone who has their hand raised and they give the exact same answer) Very good Janet, that is correct. (Jimmy points out that he gave the exact same answer) I didn't say that your answer was incorrect, I was telling you that it was incorrect of you to shout out the answer like that. Speaking of which, if you do it again, I'll send you to the office."


A few times of that and all the students will learn how to show respect. Those that refuse to learn would end up in detention and start building up a history of social problems.



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Its like people who just shout out in class even if everyone else has their hands up you know?

even better is the guy who asks 500 questions every class. not good questions either. the really obvious ones that he's using to waste time that tend to get in the way of other students who actually want to know things. usually they consist of "where do i write my name?" "how many questions are on this paper that i'm holding?" "what time does class end?" "why is everyone glaring at me like they want me to die?"

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