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So You go to the Store and.........


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OK yeah I went to Target a few weeks back to buy a crock pot. My fiance does most of the cooking around here anyways we kinda left it on top of the dining room table we have been busy. Today he had a day off and decided to cook some meat he purchased OK so he gets everything ready and he plugs in the crock pot.


Pushes the start button and NOTHING freakin' happens son of a biotch the crock pot is now a crap pot. I go in search of the reciept and yeah no can find, so if I get a chance tomorrow I am off to Target to return the stupid thing actually exchange it. DAMN!!! :D I hate it big time when ya buy something and the stupid thing will not work. :D

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Good luck. Depending on who the customer rep is, might tell you that they can't do it without the receipt.


Little tidbit of a recommendation, go to a dollar store (Dollar Tree for example) and buy about three of those small colored plastic bins (looks like a miniature version of a milk crate) and look for a package of small manilla envelopes. Then mark one of the bins as "Odd" and the other as "Even", with the 3rd being left alone. Once that is done, whenever you go out and by something, toss the receipt into the appropriate bin (Odd for odd months, Even for even months). When you need a bin that already has receipts in it from another month (example, in December, needing the Even bin but it has October receipts in it), you put those old receipts into an envelope, mark it with the month of the receipts inside and toss it into the 3rd bin. Then when you are certain you won't need the receipts anymore, you shred up all the receipts and you can reuse the envelope. Very useful when you need to verify something that is a few months old, since you won't have to go digging around for the receipt. Just toss receipts into a bin that is out of the way, and then once a month you stuff them into an envelope and title it. A few mere seconds each month and then saving you minutes or even hours of frustration.


Before shredding receipts though (SHRED, not throw away), look at each receipt to make sure that it's not one you need to keep for longer. If it's something that has a warranty on it for a year or 2, you'll want to keep it. If it's just something like food or something else where you would never possibly need the receipt, then shred it. Idea is to keep your receipt keeping on a slim-fast diet so that at the end of the year, you have only a few receipts that you may need for warranty/insurance reasons.


Sounds like a lot of work or effort, but seriously, it's a very simple thing to do that will save you more time than it'll take, so you can actually be lazier in the long run.


The only way to make it any lazier would be to stuff receipts into an envelope that is already marked for the month, just that if you need to find a receipt, you have to pull out all of the receipts and stuff them back in. That's why I recommend the baskets, because then you can just shuffle through them for up to 2 months.


Also whatever you do, don't throw away packagings until you know you won't need them anymore. I recently purchased something, threw away part of the packaging, then found a similar item for half the price (and overall was better), but the store wouldn't take it back since part of the package was missing. Not complaining though, because it's understandable given the circumstances. Still, the store manager decided to do a price match on it, so I was more than happy with the outcome, since I was really on the losing end of the deal.

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Some coolio advice there Wolfie gracias......what burns my toast is that I am usually so good at keeping stuff from getting misplaced around here my man is so disorganized so I am the one who deals with the receipts and pays all thge bills. Yeah I am the shredding queen ;)


I got on the Target website and as long as I paid with debit/credit they will give me an exchange they just have those records in their computers so it is all good for now oh and as far as thowing out the box learned the hard way to keep everything just in case.


Now all we need to do is get our butts to Target eh Saturday :)

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