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You know you're a textaholic when...

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Small list I thought up...

  • You read a book, magazine, newspaper, etc and wonder why they spell out all the words instead of abbreviating them.
  • You say that something made you "l-o-l" instead of actually saying it made you "laugh out loud".
  • You remember someone telling you something on the phone, they deny it, and you try to 'scroll up' in the conversation so you can 'copy and paste' it back to them.. Then realize that it's not logged.
  • You can send a text message on the phone, typing out an entire message, without looking at the phone, while carrying on another conversation, and not make a mistake in either conversation.
  • You feel lost if you go more than 5 minutes without sending/receiving a text message.
  • When shopping for cell phones or cell phone accessories, your number one priority is always centered around texting abilities and enhancements. (Forget GPS, speakerphone, call reception, etc...)
  • Someone walks up to you, asks you a question, and you answer in numbers (that correspond to the letters of your response).
  • When your cell phone rings with a voice call, you automatically know it's a wrong number because you never actually use it for voice talking.
  • You think 'hearing' is overrated.
  • A dozen alarm clocks and an earthquake can't wake your lazy ass after 10 hours of sleep, but a small buzz from a text IM and you're wide awake even if you're sleep deprived.
  • A family member looks at your text messages, it's something embarrassing about you, but they can't understand IM lingo so they don't get it.
  • TA (Textaholics Anonymous) kicks you out because you are always texting in the group meetings.
  • You know what LOL, LMAO, FTW, STFU, WTFDYWYSAB, o.o and other similar items mean.
  • You watch the AT&T Wireless commercials, understand what the little girl is saying perfectly, and never once had to read the subtitles to keep up.
  • You see a bunch of nerds talking and surprisingly, you can understand most of what they are talking about (but you're not a nerd, geek, dweeb, etc).
  • You enter a Text Messaging competition, and everyone else drops out because they know they won't win against you.
  • Your cell company puts restrictions on how much you can text with their "Unlimited Texting" plan.
  • You can type faster on a cell phone than on a computer.
  • You wonder when companies will offer support via Text Messaging.
  • You've nearly gotten into or have been in an accident because you were too busy text messaging to pay attention to your driving.
  • You correct yourself when you misspell "lol", but think nothing of misspelling "girl" as "gril", "hi" as "hai", etc.
  • You know the difference between an abbreviation/acronym and an actual word, even if they are spelled exactly the same. ("no" meaning "know", for example)

More of course, but whew, what a list so far. :)

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