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Some banners that I've come up with (thanks to a free banner making site).


Opinions are welcome!











Talking Box



Thinking Smiley





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I like the knockout one. Mostly because of the color and the punch thing can really catch people's eyes, if someone is reading something and then that really fast punching thing just suddenly appears, it will take them by surprise and make 'em think "What the heck was that?" Then they'll look all around the page trying to find the ad.

I don't think you should use the search one as these are the kind of ads I never click on. Have you ever seen those pop-ups that look like that and say "You are the 1 millionth person to visit, you win a Nintendo Wii!"? It reminds me of those, and those are bad bad bad. It also looks very dull which can give the wrong impression.

Good luck chosing. B)

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Mine's rubbish B)



You need to slow it down in the middle. After it says, "Don't get mad", the "Get N*Raged!!!" goes by a bit fast. If anything, that's where you want it to linger a moment, then have a complete message "Get enraged at n-raged.com" or "Let it all out at n-raged.com". Also, the beginning, where it's a lot of 'commotion', you want to give someone a chance to read what it's saying.


Catch the viewers eye, give them a chance to realize what they are looking at, and then in the final part of the message, a catchy phrase with the site's url. Also, the very first frame of it having the web address is a good idea (not that I've used it myself), so that if someone sees it without animation, they'll still get the site url.


Idea is to get the site's url to them, then have the attention getting. If it doesn't animate, they still see the url. If it does, then it plays for them. Other than needing to adjust the speed though, it looks rather decent.

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